AGM update
Morning all, here are details following last week’s AGM
Next season we will be keeping Hobbergate, and both Wild's pool's
The pool's at Marchington, we will not be renewing, these are still our waters until June
Subscriptions will be staying the same £40 adults £20 juniors
Please note following important change


Family members under 12 can still fish free of charge whilst accompanied by a family member BUT must have their own license which will be provided free of charge from club officials only!
On a Personal note, I left the meeting feeling in a much better situation about the club
After struggling running the club more or less single-handed for the past 5 years or so we now have a full complement of both officials and committee members
I now feel that the club is in a much better situation both financially and help wise, but we're not getting complacent, there's still a long way to go
The following are our club officials and committee members
If you have any questions please feel free to ask
Secretary & committee Michael 'Elmo' Ellams
Treasurer & committee Mike Golden
Chairman & committee James Ellams
Match secretary/water management & committee Andrew Newton
Committee Ben Keeling
Committee Dan Collier
Committee Bill Astbury
A few final points
All members next season Must insert a recent photo ID in their license, NO PHOTO NO FISHING
All members must have a valid rod license
Finally, any member found leaving litter or taking alcohol to the pools WILL BE BANNED and will face a lifetime ban
If you need any points clarifying please ask
On behalf of the officials and committee
Thank you

Many thanks.


Michael Ellams